Decorate Your Bedroom as a Minimalist to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

publication date: Jun 25, 2021
author/source: Daniela Ganea


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Minimalism Can Save you Both Time and Space

As you will learn to live with fewer possessions, this will leave space for something much more valuable: time.

Do you know that thing called time that you are always complaining you don`t have at hand?

So instead of spending hours shopping for things you`ll never use or don`t need, you could now devote this time cooking healthy meals, or plan out an exercising routine, or spend it over a cup of tea with your loved ones.

Minimalism Can Help You Alleviate Anxieties

We live under the impression that we have to live to people`s expectations and constantly fear missing out.

Becoming a minimalist will reduce these anxieties and improve your mental health.

As you learn to live with fewer possessions, anxieties will slowly be replaced by peace.

How does a Minimalist Bedroom Look?

A minimalist bedroom is sleek, clutter-free and contemporary.

It is simple, and showcases only the essentials and boasts an organised atmosphere.

While it strips away unnecessary distractions, minimalist bedroom décor can leave you feeling rested and relaxed.

If you want to be part of the most sought-after trend of the moment, here`s how you can decorate as a minimalist in a couple of easy steps.

1. Choose Quality Over Quantity

You've probably heard this phrase a lot. The essence is that quantity will never make you happy. Lots of something is never a good thing. That`s why minimalists are probably some of the most satisfied people on Earth.

Guided by the idea that “Less is More”, in minimalism, form follows function.

Minimalist interiors generally have very little ornamentations and minimal furniture.

For a truly minimalist look, use only a significant piece of furniture in your bedroom.

Naturally, this will be your bed. However,  in some cases, a small double bed will usually do just fine in a standard sized bedroom, creating ample space, so there is no need to take all your floor space with a king size bed.

2. Invest in Good Storage and Go Clutter Free

As a minimalist, you won`t want to put things on display.

A good solution for keeping your room clutter free is investing in furniture pieces that double up as storage.

For instance, a storage bed such as an ottoman or a divan bed with drawers could do wonders for a minimalist bedroom.

Furniture that includes secret storage will help you keep the clutter at bay and maximise the overall feeling of space.

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3. Leave Plenty of Breathing Room

When we talk about breathing room, we mean negative space.

In minimalist spaces, space is desirable as it allows your eyes to rest, and it inherently directs your attention to something important.

Not everybody understands the importance of white space.

But the truth is, used effectively, and negative space is one of the most influential design elements.

Unadorned walls are also encouraged in a minimalist bedroom to keep the room clean, streamlined and fuss-free.

4. A Simple Timeless Bed Frame

An excellent minimalist bed frame will set the tone for the whole room`s atmosphere.

For instance, a sleek wooden bed is always better than elaborate shapes, carved sleigh or four-poster beds.

Simple bed frames combined with neutral coloured bedding is a hallmark of a minimalist bedroom.