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Pop Up Hammer Game

publication date: Jan 22, 2024
author/source: Anne Coates

Yerloa Pop up ToyA small quibble was the fact that the address label was stuck over part of the box I wanted to see and the toy was in a plastic bag which I thought superfluous.

You will need three AA batteries and a Phillips screwdriver.

However the Pop Up Hammer Game was an instant success! The green casing instantly drew my nine month old granddaughter's attention and she couldn't wait to play. She's a little younger than the recommended one to three years but she'd already been doing some of the activities on another toy.

There are five eggs to hatch: a hippo, a raccoon, a lion, an elephant and a fox. The younger the child the more help needed but they soon get the hang of it and they love repetition. We introduced the game with no sound initially and Lizzie's face lit up every time an egg hatched. To reveal an animal the child has five movements: push, flip, rotate, press and slide. The younger She hasn't quite mastered using the hammer to close the eggs but all in good time. I like a toy that encourages a child to explore over time to make it a good investment.

There are two modes for the sound. using the first, an animal will pop up and sing when its trigger is switched. The second mode produces a light, when it stops, you have to use its switch to see whats hidden. The toy encourages fine motor skills, introduces numbers and colours and is a fun activity. Certainly does what it says on the box.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥