How to manage your mobile phone's battery life

publication date: Dec 21, 2021

Phone battery

Over the festive season many people – and children – will be getting new mobile phones and Telephone Systems.Cloud are urging us to consider several methods to look after our phone batteries in order to increase their lifespan and avoid replacement battery costs.


The company has recently launched an awareness drive about the UK’s switch from analogue telephone lines by 2025. This means that analogue (PSTN - Public Switch Telephone Network) and ISDN lines will stop working, as the UK moves to new SOGEA lines and full fibre solutions. 


As a result of this "Big Switch" both businesses and domestic users could see their telephone lines switched to cloud-based technology, with traditional telephone lines redirected to people’s mobiles – a further imperative to keep up the care of your mobile phone.


Battery replacements can be a costly endeavour and can be extremely pricey when going through a third party - anything upwards of £80 (excluding labour) can be expected. 



Here are eight top tips to maintain your phone's battery life. 


1. Drain phone completely

Believe it or not, but living life on the edge and draining a mobile device to 1% is detrimental to the battery – so is keeping it at 100%. Keeping the battery level between 20% and 80% is the optimal level for a long-lasting device.


2. Don’t overcharge

For those who charge their phone overnight, you may be causing a lot of harm to your device. Charging a phone for an extended period of time can cause pressure to build in the battery, which can cause a temperature increase that stops the flow of ions.


3. Manage your apps 

Keeping several apps open whilst you’re not using them can put excess strain on the battery. After using an app remember to close it down if it is not going to be used for a while. To keep on top of things you can set a reminder every few hours on your device to remind you to close things down consistently. 


4. Change to dark mode 

Putting your phone into dark mode may just save your battery’s life. By switching from 100 per cent to dark mode it is estimated that you can save upwards of 30 per cent of battery power on OLED smartphones. 


5. Utilise airplane mode

Airplane mode isn’t just useful for when you’re up in the air but also on the ground too. Turning off a mobile device completely can drain the battery, so putting the phone on airplane mode can halt calls, texts, and notifications without the battery strain. 


6. Hold push notifications

Getting bombarded with app notifications on an hourly basis is a regular occurrence for mobile users as apps seek to maintain their engagement time. These notifications can be limited and even switched off completely in settings. The fewer notifications received the more battery power saved. 


7. Use the right cable

Although they may be a little more expensive, using an official charging cable that matches the brand of your phone is really important. Cheap and unbranded alternatives can cause lasting damage to the phone and have been known to cause electrical fires too.


8. Utilise cloud-based systems

We’ve all got photos, videos, and other memories clogging up our storage, right? Well, by transferring this data and storing it on a cloud-based system you could just save your battery’s life. Using the maximum storage on a mobile device can damage the battery significantly. You can read more about cloud-based systems here.