How to make your child's school shoes last past the first term

publication date: Oct 28, 2021
author/source: Rachel Clinkard

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We all know that the cost of our kid's school essentials can add up. In fact, the average amount spent on school uniform essentials in 2021 is £239.87 per child (Shoe Love). But it can become even pricier as the year goes on, as outside play and wear and tear can damage their uniforms. The team at Charles Clinkard want you to get the best value for your money, which is why I've put together a list of tips on how to make your child's school shoes last past the first term.

Get the right fit

Ill-fitting shoes can wear out particularly quickly. Make sure to get the correct fit by having your child's feet measured at your local footwear retailer. But remember that not every shoe will fit the same, so it's vital that your child tries them on before you make your purchase.

Encourage your child to remove them properly

The chances are that when your child gets home, the first thing they do is kick off their shoes and rush off to start playing. However, removing them the wrong way can lead to scuffs, scratches, and maybe even tears. Encourage your child to take their time, and make sure to lead by example. For a child who is always in a rush, opt for a pair of shoes with rip tape fastenings

Store them correctly

Shoes that are stored incorrectly can become squashed easily, and over time this can cause them to lose their shape. To keep your child's school shoes in top condition, store them in a shoe rack or cabinet rather than on the floor, to prevent them from being trodden on.

Use shoe care protectant

Prevent wear and tear by using a shoe care protectant. For leather or faux leather shoes, use leather polish to keep the material from cracking. Apply a waterproof protectant spray to prevent liquid stains.

Keep them clean

Shoes that are dirty for long periods wear out more quickly so try to clean them often. For leather or faux leather shoes, wipe them with a dry cloth to remove excess dirt, then use a damp cloth. For fabric shoes, add a tablespoon of washing up liquid to two cups of warm water, use a toothbrush to lightly clean the shoes, and air dry.

Dry them correctly

While keeping damp shoes in a warm place will dry them out quicker, it can damage the shoe — it can cause leather shoes to crack, and fabric shoes to shrink. Instead, allow the shoes to dry naturally by filling them with crumpled newspaper and leaving them to dry.

Keep them smelling fresh

It's easy for odours to build up in children's shoes, especially in the case of an active child who enjoys running around all day. If you notice a bad odour, sprinkle a little bicarbonate of soda into the shoe to cover the sole and leave overnight. After emptying the shoe the next morning, it should smell much fresher.

It can sometimes seem like you have to pay a fortune when it comes to your kid's school uniform. But if you use the tips above, you should be able to avoid replacing your  child's school shoes for a while yet.