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publication date: Sep 25, 2015
author/source: Anne Coates

TastRabbit iconNot many of us have the spare cash to employ the "staff" necessary to keep our lives running smoothly all the time so that we can get on with loving and enjoying our family and friends. However, sometimes the to-do list just gets out of hand and then I have found it sensible to find someone to help.

Therefore when TaskRabbit, a website and mobile app service that enables time-poor people to outsource their errands from DIY to deep cleaning the bathroom, or clearing out the shed and assembling flatpack furniture, offered me the opportunity to review the service I was delighted. My list of jobs that had to be done took so long to read it was a task in itself. TaskRabbit offers vetted professionals working within your local neighbourhood.

Sadly the first couple of tasks I suggested – putting up some book shelves and painting a room – were not catered for in my area. (However it transpired that the Tasker who did come to my house could and would have done either). Although cleaning my house would have been appreciated, I wanted to try something different. Then I hit upon the idea of cutting back the forsythia in my garden. I had started to to this but life intervened and the incessant rain had encouraged rampant growth.

My Tasker, as they are called, was Juan Carlos, who arrived on time, was pleasant and not at all daunted by the task ahead. In fact in the four hours he was here he cut back the forsythia – and that which overhung my neighbour's garden – and pruned rose bushes and other plants, sweeping up as he went and removing all the garden waste bags to the front of the house ready for our council collection.

I would certainly use TaskRabbit again especially as I discovered you can choose your Tasker. Jobs have different rates of pay so, for example, Juan Carlos' rates start at £15 per hour for cooking/baking tasks and range to £25 per hour for event planning and event staffing.

For yard and gardening work, Juan’s prices are £20 per hour. Other Taskers may have different rates.

TaskRabbit is brilliant to use on an adhoc basis when time is at a premium.

PWT rating♥♥♥♥♥

TaskRabbit is also available on iOS and Android.