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Top Ten Italian holiday destinations for 2011

publication date: Jan 11, 2011
The Italian Collection has picked out its top ten holiday destinations:

Matera, ItalyMatera – unique and unlike any other city in the world, Matera is carved out of the rock and classified by Unesco as a legacy of humanity to be passed on to future generations.

Stromoli – black sands, a truly active volcano, small and cosy, clear crystal waters, the perfect location for getting away from it all.

Santo Stefano – uncover a human past and learn to explore the space which surrounds you and truly enjoy.

Ischia, ItalyIschia – lots of sandy beaches, blue sea, natural thermal springs, spas, bars, restaurants and trattorias and a truly lively island. Timelessly charming.

Lecce – lavish and intricate decorations, buildings with cherubs, monsters, flowers, beauty and the beasts, this is baroque at its most exuberant.

Bologna – a city which buzzes and is alive and enjoys everything al fresco. The birthplace of exquisite food, porticoes, theatre, nightlife and a palette of colours: terracotta reds, burnt orange and warm yellows.

Palermo – over 2700 years old and Italy's equivalent of the deep south. Drenched in history, culture, achitecture and gastronomy. A Dickensian delight.

Gubbio – the city of silence Gubbio is a must. Sullen, grey but atmospheric and mysterious, full of character and charm with some great events taking place during the year.

Le Isole Tremite – these islands were used for the internment of political prisoners during Benito Mussolini's regime but are now an important tourist attraction because of the clear waters surrounding them. Due to the size of these five islands we recommend booking early.

Burano, ItalyBurano – tradition has it hat the main reason for the brightly coloured houses is so that when the fishermen return from sea they could see them in the fog. For that laid back ambience this is an island waiting to be discovered.

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