Sitting in Silence Campaign led by top life coach Rasheed Ogunlaru

publication date: Oct 2, 2008
author/source: Rasheed Ogunlaru

Most people in the west who are stressed, mildly depressed or ineffective are so because their lives and minds are chaotically busy. Taking as little as ten minutes every day is the most empowering way to peace of mind, clarity and happiness. And the cheapest. We also make our best career, life and business decisions after times of sleep, rest and silence.

It is no surprise that for hundreds of years humans of varying backgrounds have been drawn to meditation, quiet walks, silent prayer and solace. Such people are the invariably happy and well-adjusted. We tend to see doing nothing as passive and negative but actually it can lead to clarity, creativity, confidence, focus and insight leading to positive action.

My top ten reasons for and benefits of silence:

  1. Rest, recoup and recover: many in the UK are near burn-out and need to recharge.
  2. Reduce stress: silence allows the body and mind to release excess tension.
  3. Peace of mind: the busier you are the more mental stress. The quieter the more relaxed.
  4. Greater clarity/focus: silence helps you focus on what important and move towards it.
  5. Greater creativity: many creatives find inspiration and ideas from being still/receptive.
  6. Problem solving: for years we have “slept on problems”.
  7. Reduced conflict: silence helps you connect with yourself and accept others.
  8. Greater confidence: a quiet mind means reduced negative thoughts and “self-talk”.
  9. Goal setting/vision: a clear mind is best able to set goals and pursue them.
  10. Meaningful success: quiet minds are focused, can prioritise and take action as required.

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