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Meditation classes at Lifehouse Spa & Hotel

publication date: Aug 22, 2012
author/source: Christine Mayle
Lifehouse Spa & Hotel - grounds

When Anne suggested a meditation session during our two night break at The Lifehouse Hotel & Spa I was a little hesitant, as I have to confess to being a complete rooky when it came to this area of relaxation. I need not have worried. Dressed in loose and comfortable casual clothing we assembled in the quiet and lowly lit library and awaited our coach, Andy. I'm not sure what I was expecting however I have to admit to being bowled over even as a first timer at the depth of the experience.

Andy carefully explained the background to meditation and its long-term benefits. After the short introduction I was soon sitting (some people chose to lie down) with eyes closed being coached by Andy's voice through techniques to ensure maximum benefit from the (what I thought would be) one-off session.

Every one of our senses was used in reaching a calm and relaxed state. Andy talked us back from "our thoughts wandering outside the experience" and managed to make me feel at ease that during meditation one is not always totally in the zone but that everyday concerns do pop up into our thoughts. I was told  "this is normal". What a relief!

Andy described colours, smells, noises and touch across a range of areas of my body so that at one point I was so relaxed I almost nodded off. At the end of the 45-minute session I felt more in control of my emotions and fully recharged.

As we were at LifeHouse for two days I chose to attend a second session with Andy in the late afternoon. The weather was fine, so he took the group into the fantastic garden and grounds. Starting by sitting on mats or towels on the grass, the session progressed to "walking meditation", using the beautiful surroundings to calm and relax us. I then realised how much easier it was going to be to introduce short meditation sessions into my daily life and that the type of meditation we decide to use can be adapted to where we are rather than needing to find a "special place" every time.

I often take time out on returning from a busy day to wander around the garden, using this activity to re-focus on dealing with family and household events. These meditation sessions have taught me how to make maximum use of this time and provide on-going benefits to my physical and mental well-being.

On returning home I have begun to use some of the simple techniques Andy suggested, particularly controlled breathing, to create space from my busy schedule.

If you visit The LifeHouse Spa & Hotel I would recommend meditation as a "must do" activity.

All classes at the Lifehouse Spa & Hotel are free for guests.