Essential First Aid Devices for Homes with Children

publication date: Apr 15, 2020
author/source: Emily Roberts

Girl in garden

A Great First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is the first line of defence for any home. With it you can patch up those cuts, scrapes and bruises and you can ease the pain associated with minor burns or support an injury while you seek medical help. Building a comprehensive first aid kit can be challenging if you don’t know what to include, so consider some of the following:

  • Antiseptic wipes, liquid or cream
  • Sterile gauze, band-aids and medical tape
  • An elastic bandage and clasp
  • Disposable surgical gloves
  • A few instant cold packs
  • Tweezers and scissors
  • A burn aid cream and dressing
  • Some sting or bite cream

Along with the usual assortment of band-aids, arm slings and safety pins, the above list should cover most eventualities that you can deal with at home, or even just to help comfort your child.

An In-Home AED Device

An in-home AED (automated external defibrillator) might not be the first thing you think about getting for your home, but thanks to a huge increase in the ease of use and safety being built into these devices, it might be something you should consider. These devices can be lifesaving if someone in your home is experiencing cardiac arrest. Of course, consider your risk profile to decide if this is something you need at home if you or someone in your family is a high risk. If you decide to get an in-home AED, then this AED device distributor can help with advice and the right device for you.

Some Basic Diagnostic Devices

The increase in the availability of at home testing devices means that you can be very proactive in managing your family’s health. In-home testing of things like blood pressure and blood sugar are quick, painless and easy now thanks to these consumer devices that you can have in your home for regular checks. Screening your family for things like diabetes concerns is something you can do regularly. Consider adding a digital thermometer to your in-home diagnostic tools for the next time your child complains of a fever or feeling sick – it can be a vital and quick check to see how seriously to take these complaints.

Raising kids is probably one of life’s biggest challenges but being ready to tackle any health complaints with an arsenal of home testing and first aid equipment means one less thing to worry about. Most mothers quickly become aware of their child’s most common complaints and can adapt their first aid kits for these complaints to cut down on those trips to the family GP’s office.