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Toy Story 3

publication date: Jul 16, 2010
author/source: Brian O'Neill
Toy Story 3

Orla (14), Matt (ten) and I (Dad) set off to see Toy Story 3 with a remarkable sense of purpose. The previous Toy Story films are much loved family classics and Orla had been telling Matt for weeks beforehand that many children (she meant herself) had been looking forward to this "for more than ten years".
A trip into town is reserved for special films – interestingly the kids like to go local so that they can enjoy a screening without the fuss of the West End. No question about this film though.
They sat through the first part of the programme about Sony 4k and enjoyed the sense of occasion. It was the first time in th Apollo Regent Street for us and I have to say that it is a great place to go. The internal decor is special enough to reflect a good night out and I can assure the staff and management that their commitment to their audience has paid off. It reminded me of the specialness of the cinema when I was a child but in a modern way. We're not talking nostalgia but commitment to value. i appreciated the comments from the cinema manager and will vote with my feet in the West End in future - the kids just liked it.
The  Sony 4k was fantastic - it really enhanced the film in a non-intrusive manner. Easy on the eye and not showy. Our overall experience was a great night out as customers.
And Toy Story 3? Fantastic. Probably the strongest yet; certainly the greatest script. Orla liked the way the characters were all together, reflecting them as a family. Matt has spent the time since we saw it relentlessly discussing his favourite bits which change constantly. It is beautifully done for adults – the older references are seamlessly woven in with the plot and characters being the main drive. The narrative motors along with no let up to a great finale which is incredibly moving.
The children now want the old videos of Toy Story 1+2 replaced and to go again with Mum.
I have to say that it beats Up etc hands down as the great family movie.

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