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The Go! Go! Go! Show

publication date: Jun 9, 2012
author/source: Hazel Bothma
Go! Go! Go! ShowFrida (aged five) and I were delighted to be given the opportunity to go and see the gala performance of The Go! Go! Go! Show at The Empire Leicester Square

It is billed as family-friendly entertainment ideal for younger children. I can whole-heartedly agree with this. Frida sat for the full show, almost two hours, transfixed, even ignoring her popcorn and Smarties!

The show was interactive, filled with lots of catchy songs and fun dance routines that Frida has been performing around the house since yesterday. There were many opportunities for children to get involved, sing, dance and try and solve the mystery as the musical progressed. This is billed as a pop musical for children and as a parent I was grateful that it kept to this remit by been absolutely child-centred and good fun.

The storyline of The Go!Go!Go! Show follows five friends, three girls and two boys who notice one day that their socks have gone missing. This leads to a hilarious setting up of The Fluffalope (think purple and fluffy), amidst much shouting by the children to try and get the cast to see that he is around, eating their socks

Frida found the loud rumblings of the Fluffalope’s stomach when hungry for socks very amusing. The friends need to find a supply of socks for their new friend, and encounter a Mr Baffled along the way whilst trying to work this out. In between all of this there are lots of zany jokes, magic tricks and a real sock mountain keeping the younger and older audience engaged throughout.

We left the show with a wonderful goodie bag complete with our own Fluffalope that Frida has been feeding socks to ever since. The CD has proved a hit and she announced to me that it is now her favourite.

I would definitely recommend this as a day out. It was fun to be in London’s Leicester Square, and the sheer energy and warmth of the cast made this outing so enjoyable.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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