How to keep your moods healthy

publication date: Feb 10, 2021
author/source: Sultan Dajani

mood imageMood can be influenced by many things. We have good things that make us feel happy and joyful. Then we can have the not so good things that can leave us feeling sad, angry or regretful. Then there are also days where mood cannot be explained or rationalised, and even days where we can swing from one extreme to the other. And as we are currently living in a limbo situation – lockdown three, uncertain of what is happening around us, how we should handle things, or we “should” feel it is understandable that our moods may differ day to day or even hour to hour.

What things can we do to try and help keep our moods healthy? Here are my tips:

1. Don’t force it

Let your mood be. The more you try to change it and pretend it’s not happening, the worse you are going to feel. Acknowledge that it is just a mood or a feeling that will eventually lift.

2. Take a minute

Take some time out to just sit with your mood. Perhaps giving it some attention can help you work out the cause or resolve it. If you know that it is your emails, or a certain friend that is causing your mood to worsen, step away from them until you feel like responding or talking to them.

3. Healthy Diet

When we aren’t feeling quite ourselves, we may be more inclined to reach for comfort food or high sugar food like chocolate. This may make us feel better for a nano second but will unlikely help us in the long term. Having a healthy balanced diet with lots of vegetable and fish will ensure you are getting the nutrients you need to help boost your mood.

4. Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for our mood and helps us to rationally process things around us. We can see this even on one night’s bad sleep. We feel grumpy, are quicker to react to negative things and find it harder to be enthusiastic. Stick to a sleep routine and note down any worries before you go to bed.

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Sultan Dajani is a pharmacist and advisor to DragonflyCBD