Don't Ignore Discomfort in Your Feet and Legs

publication date: Oct 26, 2021
author/source: Sammy Margo

Deep Freeze Glide-on GelA new survey commissioned by Deep Freeze – the go-to topical product with scientifically proven cooling – has revealed that more than half of Brits have experienced tired and hot discomfort in their feet and legs yet three quarters just ignore it and carry on. However, we should never feel guilty for giving our legs and feet a break – as ignoring the problem will most likely make it worse.

Using a fast-acting, drug-free, cooling glide-on product is my go-to self-care solution, and Deep Freeze Glide-On Gel ticks all the boxes here. I use it at the earliest sign of tired and hot legs and feet, followed by getting to the root cause of the problem. The solution could be more supportive footwear, rebalancing your stance if you tend to favour one leg when standing, or stretching your toes and arches if you have been doing a lot of walking.

Simple everyday activities that we do without thinking can affect your legs and feet, such as standing for too long at work, walking long distances, working out with old worn-out trainers, or wearing unsupportive shoes. Ugg boots, ballet pumps, and summer flip flops are the worst offenders when it comes to caring for our feet as they provide very little arch support.

Hot, tired feeling in the lower legs is often overlooked but research shows that if we don’t address uncomfortable legs and feet, it can have a knock-on effect in other body areas like the back. Another reason for paying attention to what our feet are telling us is they carry the entire weight of our body each day as we go about our work and daily activities. Shoes, desk positions, or how a driving seat is set up can all lead to uncomfortable legs and feet.

Experiencing uncomfortable legs and feet can mean:

  • sleep poorly;
  • have to give up exercise;
  • you have difficulty with walking;
  • are unable to drive.

I would recommend gentle massage of the undersole of the feet and the calf muscles as these areas can often be the drivers for lower leg troubles. Fast, topical cooling relief with Deep Freeze Glide-on Gel can be applied to hot spots on the lower legs several times a day. Also, we all need to keep active and exercise. Hence if you do get foot and lower leg challenges when active, then use the Deep Freeze Glide-on Gel after standing on your feet for a long period of exercise to help soothe, cool, and ease discomfort.

My five top tips:

1. Do target overworked feet and legs early by using Deep Freeze Glide-on Gel. It’s fast-acting, scientifically proven, and drug-free, plus it instantly cools and soothes tired, over-used legs and feet. Also, try Deep Freeze Cold Patch for long-lasting cooling and soothing relief.

2. Do take a look at what’s causing your foot or leg discomforts, such as wearing flat unsupportive shoes or high heels all day, or your driving or desk position.

3. Don't feel guilty about taking time out from a busy lifestyle when foot or leg discomfort strikes and DO ask your boss for alternatives if your job involves a lot of standing. 

4. Do stretch your toes and arches regularly, and massage the undersoles of your feet with Deep Freeze Glide-on Gel, if you’ve been doing a lot of walking or wearing high heels.

5. Do stay active to maintain good circulation and help prevent your legs and feet become tired and uncomfortable. Walking (in supportive shoes), swimming or yoga is a great exercise for all-over body health.

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