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Inspirational Blueprints for Personal Success – for Women by Dr Kem Thompson

publication date: Feb 23, 2010
author/source: Anne Coates
Inspirational BlueprintsOne of the things that always endears authors to readers is sharing similar thoughts! Something that constantly irritates me is people being called "lucky" – you usually find that that fortunate person has worked incredibly hard to achieve whatever it is. And that is part of the message in Kem Thompson's guide Inspirational Blueprints for Personal Success for Women. You need to work hard for success!

At one point Kem Thompson writes that she knows 80 per cent of her readers will not act on the advice in the bookand that is the crux of the matter. To be successful in something you have to take action and that, she acknowledges, isn't always easy. You need to form good habits, reassess the way you think, challenge negativity and take "baby steps" until you reach your goal.

Inspirational Blueprints for Personal Success for Women is divided into 30 chapters to be read on consecutive days. Some are longer than others and demand more input - each chapter has an exercise for you to carry out beginning with GAP (grab a pen!) – but each one will make you think deeply about your life and how you react. But thinking about it is only half the battle – you have to act on the advice appropriately. Appropriate action is one of the keys to success.

Dr Thompson's philosophy is underpinned by a deep Christian faith but whether you believe in God or not, the principles are universal. So be motivated by Dr Kem Thompson and change your life forever!

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Inspirational Blueprints for Personal Success for Women