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Pedalite products for safe cycling

publication date: Dec 3, 2010
author/source: Henry Burroughs
Pedal LightPedal Lights are a great option for cyclists who want to improve their visibility at night.They fit to your bicycle and work like any other pedals, except these have three bright flashing LEDs (white in front, amber to the side and red to the rear) which are powered by small dynamos built into the pedals. The LED lights flash and the lights move around as you pedal so you are even more noticeable on the road at night.

Unlike traditional dynamo powered lights which feel like they are constantly slowing you down, you barely notice the small extra resistance when turning Pedal Lights. The genius part is that the lights stay on even when you are not pedaling which is great when waiting at traffic lights and junctions. The pedals have rows of studs on the platforms which make your feet feel securely connected to the pedals even in wet conditions.

Cyclists who want to fit the Pedal Lights to their bicycle themselves, could benefit from more detailed instructions – in particular, that the thread on the spindle on left hand pedal is reversed so you have to turn it clockwise to un-tighten.

Pedal Lights are a great way to improve your visibility and once fitted you will not need to worry about changing batteries or remembering to switch them on or off.

AnkleliteAnklelites are armbands with solar-powered twin amber LEDs which you can wear around your arm or ankle. During the day, simply switch the lights to "charge" mode to store up to six hours of charge ready for switching on at night. Charging works best in direct sunlight so these lights are best suited to people who are outside a lot during the day. The lights can also be left by windows to charge although you may not get a full charge this way, especially during the winter months.

Using Anklelites during the winter months, I found it difficult to get into a routine which enabled me charge up the lights properly. The lights only worked for 15 minutes of my cycle journey home having left them by the window during the day, and there's no guidance on the light conditions and duration of charging needed.

BagliteBaglite has straps that attach to and follow the straps of your rucksack. The Velcro straps attaching Baglite to the rucksack were a bit short to reach around and secure to the wide straps on my particular rucksack so it was a little difficult to fit. I also found that once fitted, it was not possible to access the contents of my rucksack without having to partially detach Baglite. This made it awkward for day to day use. Baglite is a little harder to charge than Anklelite, unless you are wearing it outdoors for much of the day or you are able to leave it outdoors, ideally without having to detach it from your rucksack, in direct sunlight.

Pedalite products are available from Amazon:
Anklelite - solar powered high visibility cycle light, doubles up as a bike clip