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School's back – Are you Feeling Stressed?

publication date: Aug 31, 2019
author/source: Anne Coates

stressed womanThe summer's over and the stress of childcare and keeping children amused (and fed!) dissipates but the terrors of not having all the uniform, worrying about a new teacher, after-school care, school meals and so on take over. On top of all the usual everyday stresses. 

Although stress is an everyday part of normal life for most of us – and some stress is good for us – the constant efforts needed to keep work, family and social commitments on track can mean even the best of us find ourselves flagging.

New research from Potter’s Herbals, makers of evidence-based plant health solutions, shines a much-needed spotlight on the issue and breaks apart the taboos and perceived stigmas to explore how stress affects us all.

Money was the single biggest source of stress in the Potters research Survey, causing stress in 50 per cent of the participants overall. Work pressure was a source of stress for 38 per cent life in general for 44 per cent and relationship issues for 30 per cent.

Only half of us seeks medical help and taking time off is not an option for many. Almost half survey participants thought there is a stigma against taking time off work due to stress as people don’t think of it as an illness and 35 per cent said people just think you can’t cope.

Stress can impact on our physical health, causing lack of sleep, headaches, exhaustion and high blood pressure, gastrointestinal upsets, poor immune function, dizziness and pain. Stress can be a factor in a range of other serious issues. And it can seriously affect mental health, reducing the ability to concentrate while increasing the likelihood of forgetfulness. 

But there are ways we can tackle stress. Exercise, work and lifestyle changes, better relationships and a healthy diet are all helpful. But in addition, clinically-proven, plant-based supplements and remedies can play a hugely useful role in promoting a calmer, happier mind and curbing the physical effects of stress.  In particular, Potter’s Herbals – who have been in the business for over 200 years – have two remedies to target stress as well as supporting memory and concentration which are often lost when we are stressed:

Potter’s Memory & Focus CDRI 08®, with patented extract of Bacopa monnieri CDRI 08® and backed up by 40 years of scientific research, is a natural, clinically proven botanical remedy to support memory, concentration and learning retention. 

Potter’s Actimind is a patented combination of two herbal ingredients – Gingko biloba GK501® and Panax ginseng G115® – both of which have been shown to help support mental well-being, healthy memory and help preserve good cognitive function.

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