Treating Exercise Aches and Pains

publication date: Dec 30, 2022
author/source: Anne Coates

 deep heat products

Three quarters of those surveyed for the first Mentholatum Deep Heat and Deep Freeze Wellness Tracker, recognise they should exercise more, and at this time of year many are adding exercise to their New Year resolutions or to-do lists. 

The well known health benefits of exercise include:

  1. Reduced blood pressure
    Less body fat
    More balanced fight or flight response 
    Improved coronary blood flow
    improved blood-sugar control, accelerated clearance of free fatty acids and enhancing the way muscles use glucose. 

But we also need to be aware of muscle and joint aches and pains that may develop. This is where thermotherapy products come into their own. Thermotherapy is a pill-free and proven method of targeted relief and muscle relaxation.

Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion £4.99/50ml

A must have on-the go buddy, designed to provide, non-medicinal, targeted warming relief to ease tight, knotted muscles with a combination of massage and heat therapy. It’s great for everyday relief, easing and releasing muscular tension in shoulders, backs of legs and backs and as a result creating more comfort. Plus, Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion is an essential self-care product for use as part of your warm-up routine to loosen muscles before exercise. 

Deep Heat Heat Rub £3.89/ 67g also available in 35g and 100g tubes

The classic time-tested rub which can be used before and after exercise or for the relief of muscular pains and stiffness. Its penetrating heat increases blood supply and soothes aching muscles. Plus, it helps with stiffness including back and rheumatic pain, sciatica, fibrositis, sprains and chilblains. 

Deep Heat Max Strength £4.79/35g tube

Contains twice the level of pain killing methyl salicylate as the classic Deep Heat Rub. It provides rapid pain relief from muscular and rheumatic aches and pains plus helps to enhance muscle rehab by realigning muscle fibres and breaking down adhesions and scar tissue. 

Deep Heat Pain Relief Heat Patch £7.55 for a 4-patch pack

A long-lasting, adhesive patch, which is non-medicinal, comfortable and odourless, providing warming pain relief for muscular pain, strains, and joint stiffness. Can be used for back, hip, thigh, calf, arm, neck, and shoulder pain. Therapeutic heat from the Deep Heat Pain Relief Heat Patch provides targeted pain relief right where you need it. Plus, penetrating heat helps relax stiff, sore, aching muscles and joints helping again to restore movement. Heat increases blood flow to the affected area providing oxygen and nutrients to aid the healing process.

Deep Heat Warming Belt £8.49, two belts per pack

A discrete, non-sticky warming belt with four large heat cells providing up to 12 hours of deep penetrating warmth to relieve muscular aches, pains, and tension. Particularly useful for lower back or hip pain. 

Deep Freeze Glide-on Gel £5.29/50g

Provides non-medicinal, fast acting, scientifically proven cooling and soothing relief for minor aches in backs, necks, shoulders, legs, and feet and works just like ice. It’s convenient and mess-free roll-on form at means you can use it on the go. It can also be used alongside oral analgesics. 

Deep Freeze Cold Patch £5.49 for a 4-patch pack 

A non-medicinal and self-adhesive patch which provides scientifically proven cooling for up to three hours and works just like ice but with none of the mess or inconvenience. Ideal for backs, necks, shoulders, legs, and feet. Suitable for use in pregnancy too. Always check new symptoms with your Midwife or GP. 

Deep Freeze Cold Gel £4.49,/100g also available in a pocket-size 35g tube

Works like ice and helps cool and soothe minor aches in muscles and joints.

Deep Freeze Cold Spray £4.25/150ml

Can be used immediately after exercise, or to provide an instant burst of targeted cooling relief for minor aches in muscles and joints. The no-fuss spray format allows application on hard-to-reach areas like the back, feet, and shoulders.