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National Water Safety Awareness Week

publication date: Jun 18, 2011
life savingLife saving clubs across the UK will be celebrating National Water Safety Awareness Week by holding water safety events and demonstrating life saving techniques to the general public. We should all be aware that a child can drown in as little as 5cms of water so even an "empty" paddling pool with some rain water in it can be a potential hazard.

Commenting on National Water Safety Awareness Week, Jane Cooper, Communications and Marketing Director at RLSS UK, said: "There are 10,000 volunteers in the UK, that work tirelessly to teach their local community about keeping safe in the water. We'd like to celebrate the work they do as well as encourage other volunteers to get involved.

"It is also vitally important to highlight the dangers of water and how people can avoid getting into difficulty."

Here are some top tips to cut the risks of youngsters drowning in accidents that the RLSS UK suggests:

  • Fit fencing around ponds or pools.
  • Do not use paddling pools without adult supervision.
  • Ensure paddling pools are emptied and turned upside down as soon as they are finished with.
  • Check the garden regularly for anything that could collect water, like buckets and wheelbarrows.
  • Teach water safety to children from a young age.
  • Supervise youngsters closely when in parks or other places that might have a river, pond or lake. Know where they are and who they are with.
  • Teach children to swim at the earliest chance and make sure they can float and signal for help.
  • Teach children how to get help if someone is in trouble including the importance of dialing 999.
  • Follow any safety advice or notices that may be present.
For more tips or to find out about learning basic life-saving skills contact RLSS on 01798 773994 or visit www.rlss.org.uk