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Lunch box and picnic snacks and treats from Organix

publication date: Sep 12, 2009
author/source: Alex Bell and Harriet Elliot
Organix snacks"They're so juicy", "oh, the box is much bigger than normal", "they're yummy". Not the script for an Organix TV ad but my son and his chum raiding the picnic bag on a day out this week - so one Organix target audience definitely satisfied.

As for the other - me - well the good thing is that the Organix range covers every all eventualities (genuine tummy fillers as well as tools of distraction) and seems to please toddlers and larger children alike. Small boxes of raisins but also bigger, somehow more "grown up", packs of dried fruit too; healthy savoury nibbles not just sweet things; idiot-proof packaging that is pretty clear on what's inside and how it's not as bad as it could be for your children and actually pretty tasty (grown up target audience felt compelled to check).

I can imagine that they would be perfect for lunch boxes with the larger chopped fruit boxes, fruit bars and puffs replacing the usual chocolate biscuit and packet of crisps of yester year. Roll on Organix, you've been a staple in our cupboard for the last few years and with the newer products, I can't see this changing. Harriet Elliot

Organix carrot stixOrganix is a brand that I and many of my friends trust and have been buying since our little ones started weaning. The brand guarantees that their food has no genetically modified ingredients, no E numbers and is lower in fat, salt and sugar than its rivals.
I could not have been happier to put their new product range to the test for Toby, nearly five and Pippa, 18 months. We have spent the summer living off picnics and Organix goodies and fruit snacks are an ideal healthy treat.
There are three flavours of savoury snacks - saucy tomato naughts and crosses, cheese and herb puffs and carrot stix. Both Pippa and Toby really enjoyed them all and the fact that they are baked, are artificial flavour-free and have a tiny amount of salt kept me happy.
They also tested a variety of dried fruit snacks - all are 100 per cent fruit, have no added sugar and count as one portion of fruit. The little boxes of raisins, banana and date fruit bars, date and apple fruit bars and boxes raisins mixed with chopped apples and chopped apricots were all relished. The only problem was resisting eating the delicious new fruit bars myself when they were in bed!
Stockists: all major supermarkets.

Fruit Bars £2.25
Mini Dried Fruit Boxes £1.49
Mini Raisin Boxes £1.99
Snack bags 15g 46p
Snack bags multi pack £1.59