Chakra Balancing Yoga with Sharon Gannon (Acacia)

publication date: Feb 14, 2009
author/source: Anne Coates

In Chakra Balancing Yoga, Sharon Gannon explains the body's seven energy centres - chakras - and how they affect our lives.

Each chakra is related to specific areas of the body and mind. When they are blocked as a result of injury, illness or feeling disconnected we cannot realise our full potential. For instance if your heart chakra is blocked you will find it difficult to be compassionate to yourself and others, problems in the throat area affect how you communicate with others and may lead to obesity.

In Chakra Balancing Yoga you will find a comprehensive explanation of the chakras and how they affect us. Plus there are affirmations which will help you reconnect with your spiritual and emotional needs - something parents often relegate to the back burner while they are nurturing their children! Gannon's programme can help you feel less stressed and more able to cope with whatever life throws your way!

If you are new to yoga or this type of chakra yoga, don't be put off by the unfamiliar. In Chakra Balancing Yoga Sharon Gannon leads you gently through the poses. Watch the DVD through before you start to give yourself an idea of what's to come. You don't need anything special just a mat or towel and some floor space. Sharon's confident voice is reassuring and the music is never intrusive but a part of the whole experience. Once you are au fait with the programme you can pick out specific chakras to work on if time is at a premium. Bonus features include: seven minute backbend and ten minute vinyasa sequences.

As someone who has taken part in yoga classes regularly, I found Chakra Balancing Yoga extremely useful as a reminder of all the positive aspects of this ancient sytem of exercise. 

Chakra Balancing Yoga with Sharon Gannon is produced by Acacia and is available from Amazon. To order a copy click the link below:

Chakra Balancing Yoga