How to stay energised

publication date: Oct 17, 2009
author/source: Master Sung
innersound qi treatmentEnergy can be defined as a movement that transforms everything. In the human body, the invisible force that keeps all vital organs functioning properly is called Qi or vital energy. When this energy is circulating freely it  keeps us healthy, happy and vibrant. Qi emanates from our body creating a large magnetic field surrounding us. Within this active energy field, currents of energy connect us with our environment, nature and people for our own rejuvenation and wellbeing.

Stress and emotional pressures
However today more than ever, we are subjected to unprecedented levels of stress and emotional pressures that deplete our reserves of vital energy. In a typical stressful working day, negative thoughts, words or actions create unsettling movements of energy which block our energy system, thus reducing  the life-giving powers of our Qi energy. Invisible energy channels in the body, forming an intricate network, progressively close down and vital energy stagnates in various key parts of the body. This is when we feel drained and unable to function properly.
Innersound Foundation provides a natural health method using original vital Qi energy, to release the energy blockages, detoxify and restore energy flow in the body.
innersound qi treatmentQi treatments
Qi treatments allow you to recharge with renewed vital energy transferred through a combination of acupressure and sound vibrations. Qi energy reaches deep into your cells to stimulate new growth, eliminating toxins, blockages and negativity held in mind and body such as long-held negative emotions or physical pain.

Qi Masters are highly-trained in the art of energy transfer and can detect the disruptions of energy in various parts of the body. Scientific research has shown the benefits of Qi treatments on the immune, hormonal and cardio-vascular systems. Stress hormones decrease and endorphin levels are significantly raised

The Qi treatment allows you to preserve and increase stamina, vitality and mental clarity. When preventing losses of energy, we can create new levels of well-being and vitality. The Qi Treatment effectively reduces the symptoms of stress, chronic fatigue, chronic  pain, migraines, digestive problems, neck and back pain, depression, anxiety and much more. 

After a medical history is taken, treatments take about 20 minutes.

There are centres in London, Exeter and Manchester. Contact Innersound Foundation on 020 7462 8811