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Organix - new flavours for babies

publication date: Jul 24, 2009
author/source: Nicole Burroughs
baby foodOrganix is one of a number of baby food brands on the market that makes a range of organic foods for babies, toddlers and children.

The Organix philosophy is that all baby food should be tasty and offer the best nutrition. They claim to use the best organically grown ingredients, cooked simply to ensure optimum taste and nutrition. They also go one step further and never add artificial colourings, preservatives, artificial flavourings or processed sugars to any of their baby food.

This is a philosophy that I and many mums have no problem buying into. My preference is to give Eva home-cooked meals, but there are times where for speed or convenience, it is useful to have ready-made foods in the house.

baby foodI had tried a couple of Organix meals in the past, and found that although I liked the clearly labelled packaging and the ingredients, the meals did not quite deliver on flavour compared with my favourite brand.

So when Organix brought out some new flavours, I had to try them.

The Sweet Potato, Pear & Pea was a nice combination, and despite being aimed at younger babies, went down very well with Eva.  The Spinach and Salmon Risotto was a good texture for older babies and also tasty.  Unfortunately the Pasta with Aubergine and Red Pepper was a little on the bland side, although Eva ate it up quite happily nonetheless.

baby foodOrganix is more reasonably priced than some brands and I would certainly buy them again to add a bit more variety to Eva's store cupboard.

  • Organic Sweet Potato, Pear & Pea (from four to six months) £1.79 for two 120g pots
  • Organic Pasta with Aubergine & Red Pepper (from seven months) £1.89 for two 120g pots
  • Organic Spinach & Salmon Risotto (from seven months) £1.89 for two 120g pots