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publication date: Sep 25, 2010
author/source: Anne Coates

SnoozeshadeI think daughter Olivia was a  little sceptical when I first told her about the SnoozeShade. Like so  many other mums you see pushing babies in their buggies, she had a muslin pegged to the hood to protect Harriet from the sunshine and allow her to snooze. Of course the muslin did little but take off the glare and certainly did not offer UV protection.

Happily the Snoozeshade fulfills both functions – as a blackout blind. It allows a baby to sleep in a darkened environment and gives UPF50+ protection on bright sunny days. Olivia now uses it constantly. The other day we went to the South Bank to lunch in a favourite restaurant. Harriet dozed off and with the Snoozeshade in place obligingly slept until we had finished eating our meal.

Olivia is now a complete convert to Snoozeshade. The design means it fits any buggy, pram or pushchair as well as rear-facing car seats and has a zip opening in the front so you can check on your sleeping baby.

Snoozeshade has rightly one quite a few awards and accolades since it went on sale in February 2010.

Designed by a mum, Cara Sayer, this is one piece of equipment I think no new baby should be without. SnoozeShade is perfect for toddlers as well.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

SnoozeShade The Blackout Blind for Prams and Pushchairs is available from Amazon.