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Thorpe Park

publication date: Mar 25, 2014
author/source: Hazel Bothma

Thorpe Park


I would absolutely recommend Thorpe Park as a family day out. This was our first time and we were all excited at the opportunity to spend the day there. I liked the fact that once you have paid to get in, you don’t have to keep on buying tickets for each  of the rides, although there was a selection of game booths that you could pay for turns on scattered around the park with the usual giant size teddies to be won, but we ignored these and focussed on the rides.   

We went with two children, aged six and eight, and although they were not tall enough (over 1.4 metres) for the thrill seeking rides, we found that there was plenty of rides to enjoy, and before we knew it we had spent over six hours at Thorpe Park.

For all of us our favourites were the water based rides. I would imagine on a hot summer’s day that it would be a perfect way to keep cool.  Tidal wave, Rumba Rapids, Loggers Leap and Wet Wet Wet, offered thrills and splashes that we all enjoyed. A good tip is to wear the ponchos you can purchase for the super-soaking rides. If you do get your clothes wet, the park has several booths where for £2 you can dry off. Our favourite wet ride was Rumba Rapids and we did this a couple of times, enjoying it each time. 

Overall there is a good selection of rides, ranging from scream out loud like the Swarm; Nemesis Inferno and the Saw to others aimed for those, like me, of a gentler disposition such as Storm in a Teacup, Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride and Rocky Express.  The Carousel was sweet, although aimed at younger children, and after the other rides labelled boring! My husband decided to take on Colossus and really enjoyed the experience. 

In May, Neptune’s Beach opens, and this offers the perfect spot to sit with younger children have a splash and play whilst older family members take on more thrilling rides. 

There were plenty of places to eat throughout the park, and you could easily take snacks and a picnic to enjoy. 

I found the staff really helpful, and there were a constant stream of people cleaning up in the toilets and around the park. As we left one of the staff members asked the girls if they had enjoyed themselves, they both said in unison “This was the best day ever,” and in the car asked when they could come back!

Our top tip would be buying the fast track option which will make queuing times on the popular rides shorter. 

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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Thorpe Park, Staines Road, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8PN