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Tippitoes Boy's Toilet Trainer

publication date: Aug 23, 2012
author/source: Emily Elias
Tippitoes Boys Toilet TrainerFaced with a two year old boy who was desperate to copy his father and older brother and pee into the toilet standing up, the Tippitoes Boy's Toilet Trainer seemed like a good solution.

You clip the mini bowl on to the side of the toilet and then have a better height receptacle for the little boy to wee into. It's not a bad idea, but in practice there are numerous problems.

Firstly the Tippitoes Boy's Toilet Trainer bowl isn't that big, so aim has to be good – not really the case for a two year old. Also, it still isn't low enough (on our loo, anyway) for him to wee in easily –  he has to make sure that his willy really is over the top. 

There is then the emptying issue. It's true that the design does allow you to lift the loo seat up, and then the plastic has bends in it to allow you to tip the wee into the toilet. I can do this. My two year old thinks he can do it. But can't. If he doesn't pick up the loo seat urine really does go everywhere. If he does pick up the loo seat it sometimes makes it neatly into the loo, but often doesn't. 

There is then the issue of a slightly stained white plastic thing hanging off your toilet. "Why don't you just clean it?" I hear you ask. Well yes, except that to clean it you have to un-clip from the bracket attached to the loo seat and then re-attach it which by no means difficult is a bit fiddly and does have me in close proximity to our loo for longer than I want to be. Not something I'm going to do after every wee. 

If your child is very potty resistant, or perhaps  much older toilet trainer I can see this could have a role. It's not a bad product; I don't know how you could make this concept much better. Using a potty/ step/ toilet seat are all much easier.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

For stockist details of the Boy's Toilet Trainer (£13.99) visit Tippitoes or call 0845 600 8595