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Updating your child's educational status

publication date: Aug 27, 2016


If your daughter or son has just received their GCSE exam results, you should inform HM Revenue and Customs of their educational status ahead of 31 August, otherwise payments of Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits will stop.

Parents can use the Personal Tax Account (PTA) service to update both their Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit information online in minutes.

Parents must contact HMRC to confirm the eligibility of their 16+ child if they are continuing in full-time, non-advanced education, moving into employment or undertaking approved training.

Alternatively, if a young person leaves full-time education or training, for example, to start full-time work or because their course has ended, claimants must report this change straight away to prevent an overpayment, which you will have to pay back.

Remember the last date to do this is Wednesday 31 August, 2016.

You can do this via the internet or you can also inform HMRC of changes on the phone by calling 0300 200 3100.