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publication date: Mar 6, 2012

LOGO family board gameFrom time to time Parenting Without Tears links up with a sponsor to promote membership. So we are delighted that Drumond Park Games is offering the brilliant LOGO board game (rrp £32.99) to new members (membership costs £9.95).

The LOGO board game has 400 question cards in three categories – 200 Pictorial, 100 Themed and 100 "Pot Luck". Each Picture card features full- or part-logo images to identify, coupled with questions relating to the brand.

The answers on the Themed cards relate to the headings, such as Birds (eg Kiwi Shoe Polish, Penguin, Swan Vestas) and Relatives (eg Aunt Bessie's, Daddies, Uncle Ben's). And in Pot Luck you'll find a huge and interesting variety of brand-related questions which have everyone wanting to shout out the answers - even if it's not their turn!

Gameplay is straightforward and speedy. Each round, the questioner picks a card and asks the player to his or her left four questions about the logo or product pictured. For every correct answer, the player moves their piece around the coloured board. If they're stumped, the question goes to the next player along. 

Everyone's making for the Winning Zone – and once there, the first person to answer his or her question correctly wins!

Example questions – and answers!

  • You've enjoyed Smarties for as long as you can remember, but which of the colours tastes different?  The orange-coloured one - it's orange-flavoured.
  • If salty snacks are your thing, you'll quickly recognise the Walkers logo.  And know that their Prawn Cocktail flavour is named after a popular starter dish...
  • Which animal adorns the clothing of the French sportswear company LacosteWhat else could it be - but a crocodile?
  • Whose logo is a large red ‘S' superimposed on a yellow shield?  Superman, of course!
  • Which brand of battery has a copper-coloured end?  Duracell' will be on the tip of your tongue!
  • And why did Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup make it into the Guinness Book of Records in 2006? Give up? It became Britain's oldest brand.

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