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QuackQuackMoo: Wet-Bed Protector

publication date: May 12, 2011
author/source: Alex Bell
QuackQuackMoo Bed ProtectorThere are a plethora of bed protectors on the market that go under the sheet, but QuackQuackMoo's new Wet-Bed Protector is in a league of its own. It is a fabulous soft bamboo cotton fibre sheet with a cool cow print design on the underside.

The protector is cleverly designed to be seen and fits over normal sheets – it ticks all the boxes –  it is practical, easy to use and stylish. The elasticated straps keep the protector in place and fit under the mattress. When you need to strip the bed you just un-pop the top and leave the straps in place, which leads me to the next realisation that I must buy a second one!

The waterproof protection guard absorbs quickly and contains unwanted spillages and is breathable. Beyond potty training this protector will be ideal for use when children are ill or sick as it is anti-bacterial and would also be effective on hot summer nights and I've taken it away with us when we are staying with friends. This would be extremely useful for older children who wet the bed.
This is a really clever, good looking and practical item. Parenting Without Tears has just made my life simpler again and saved me from a lot of unnecessary washing too - phew!

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

QuackQuackMoo: Wet-Bed Protector is available from www.quackquackmoo.co.uk