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Close Parents training pants

publication date: Jul 15, 2010
author/source: Alex Bell
training pantsFor the last two weeks Pippa has been testing a new range of training pants called "the pop-in cool fit" and "cosy fit training pants" made by Close Parents.

The arrival of this new product was perfectly timed – Pippa was two in March and is keen to be out of nappies. The combination of a sunny summer and the freedom afforded by these training pants has made for a stress-free transition and start to potty-training.

We were fortunate enough to receive two twin packs of pants - one cool fit and one cosy fit. Designed to look like proper pants they are easy for Pippa to pull down or up. The design is an attractive and neutral white with a giraffe and zebra character in yellow and green embroidered on the front. Most importantly the pants have the hidden protection of an inner core and waterproof layer which helps minimise the mess from little accidents.

Having four pairs of training pants has been essential. So far Pippa has needed a couple of pairs a day, so that while two pairs dry from previous night  I have two to use. I wash everything at 30 but made the mistake of washing all four pairs at 60 to make sure they were really clean. Despite the sunshine none was ready the following day so I'll not be batch washing them all together again.

The training pants' waterproof layer really does minimise mess but minimise is the right word, it would be wrong to think of them as nappies as that's not their function. I have found these training pants fantastic and a huge relief from the tyranny of nappies or cancelling everything in order to potty train (not an option for most busy lives).

I can't recommend these enough and have already had a couple of friends ask me where they can get hold of them.

The training pants come in four sizes – 12 to 18m, 18 to 24m, 2 to 2½ yrs and 2½ yrs + . 

They come in packs of two (£19) with each pair featuring an embroidered character – Ziggy the zebra and Georgie the giraffe.

Available from www.closeparent.com and independent nursery stores.