Boosting your Collagen Levels with Colnatur

publication date: Sep 13, 2021
author/source: Anne Coates

According to a recent poll one quarter of us has never heard of collagen and those us us who have aren't aware of how important it is for our bodies. Collagen is a essential protein which helps make up tendons, bones, hair, skin, muscles, ligaments and joints. When we start to lose collagen – and this can happen in our late 20s and 30s – these structures can weaken; our skin can sag, our muscles become weak and our bones are more prone to breaking.

Taking a collagen supplement is helpful but choosing the right supplement is what is vital. The new Colnatur® range contains hydrolysed collagen, making it easier to be absorbed by the body. It contains 10,000mg a serving, which shows positive outcomes for bones, joints, muscle health and skin when used continuously over certain periods of time.

I have suffered with lower back pain after an injury some years ago and after attending the press launch for Colnatur® and receiving some products, I decide to try it out. I began with Colnatur® Complex Tumeric as I'd been hearing such good reports about tumeric.

You are advised that it may take up to three months to feel the effects of the supplement but about ten days in I realised my back was less painful and my mood had lifted. I have now been taking Colnatur® for nearly three months. My back pain is certainly reduced ( there was a time when I'd be in tears walking).

Colnatur® is a powder which comes with a measuring scoop rather like the one used for baby milk. You take one scoop a day. I have found it takes a long of water to dissolve it and even then some seems to remain. It's okay to drink. Easier is to mix it in with food like porridge or yoghurt. I always have mine with breakfast as it's a time when I know I'm at home.

I shall definitely be continuing to see what the long-term benefits will be. So far so good

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥  

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