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Spring is in the air – with EcoForce!

publication date: Mar 11, 2010
author/source: Anne Coates

Most of us are now aware of our responsibility towards the environment but, I must admit, during our long, wet winter I gave in to the temptation of the tumble-drier.  However, each load of washing in a tumble-drier can release up to 2.6kg of carbon into the atmosphere plus increase energy bills by more than £70 per year!

Clothes lineThis spring EcoForce is launching a new recycled peg basket, pegs and clothes line which means a double advantage for the environment: recycled plastic and drying clothes naturally rather than using lots of costly energy. The 20 EcoForce pegmetre Recycled Clothes Line has a break strength and each Peg Basket contains a 24 pack of Recycled Clothes Pegs made fron a single piece of plastic and a unique spring device to make them stronger and more energy-efficient to produce.

We are so impressed with the products that we've teamed up with EcoForce and Dishmatic to offer new members joining Parenting Without Tears a goody bag worth £15 – just click the JOIN NOW button at the top left of this page.

What you'll get in your EcoForce goody bag:

  • New EcoForce Recycled Peg Basket (£2.99)
  • New EcoForce Recycled Clothes Line (£1.99)
  • EcoForce Recycled Clothes Pegs (£1.50)
  • EcoForce Recycled Food Bag Grips (£1.49)
  • EcoForce Recycled Sponges (99p), Scourers (99p) and Cloths (£1.19)
  • Dishmatic Fillable Washing Up Brush  (£1.19)
  • Dishmatic Fillable Steel Scourer (£1.19)
  • Dishmatic Refills(£1.49 pack of 3)

DishmaticAt Parenting Without Tears we are great fans of the Dishmatic Fillable Washing-uo Brush – you just put the detergent into the handle – this saves you money as it only ever dispenses as much washing-up liquid as necessary and is kind to your hands as you don't have to immerse them in water.

EcoForce clothAs someone who doesn't enjoy housework I am always looking for ways to be more efficient with less effort. The EcoForce multi-purpose cloths definitely fit the bill. Used either wet or dry they make cleaning (almost!) a joy!

The EcoForce range of recycled products is available in Sainsburys, Tesco and Morrisons,

EcoForce and Dishmatic are made by Easy-Do Products.