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Emergency Childcare – three month free trial

publication date: Mar 13, 2013
Emergency childcare

On average UK working parents experience a childcare breakdown at least nine times a year. This explains why more and more parents are choosing to sign up for Emergency Childcare than ever before – with a 140 per cent increase since January 2012*.

The service, that offers last minute high quality help to working parents in need, is proving hugely popular across the UK and parents keen to give it a try are now being offered a free three month trial so they can try the service for themselves. 

Juggling work and kids is never easy; every working parent knows the panic that sets in when your regular childcare lets you down. Help is at hand with Emergency Childcare, an invaluable resource for parents. Emergency Childcare is a service that lets parents plan ahead for such situations, and then when things go wrong, book an emergency nanny, nursery or childminder anywhere in the UK with as little as two hours’ notice.

With the standard monthly membership fee of £9.60, once your registration is complete, you can book the childcare you require.  You then pay for your childcare on top. Nannies cost from £10 per hour, childminders from £7 per hour and nurseries from £60 per day. For a limited time, Emergency Childcare is offering a three month free trial membership so you can check out the service for yourself.

Please note none of the PWT team has tried this service and so cannot give it a heart rating.