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Giving up smoking

publication date: Mar 10, 2010
author/source: Anne Coates
no smokingAs someone who "gave up" smoking many times, I know how difficult it can be to give up the habit. The time I actually succeeded was when ti "seemed right", and I didn't make a song and dance about it.

What most experts agree on is there is no one correct way to give up cigarettes – what works for one person might be totally ineffectual for another.

Dr Keith Souter gives lots of helpful and practical advice for giving up smoking in Breaking bad habits and if you are someone who likes gadgets then Quitkey might be just the device for you.

Most smokers will benefit from the one-to-one support available from  The Boots Smoking Cessation Programme which includes:
  • A private and confidential consultation with your Boots pharmacist
  • Regular counselling sessions
  • Nicotine replacement such as patches, lozenges and gum*
  • A Smokalyser test to assess your carbon monoxide levels**
  • Expert advice on becoming smoke free - from how to curb the cravings to what health benefits to expect

This Stop Smoking Service is free (please note that products recommended by the service such as nicotine replacement patches or lozenges may not always be free and varies according to your local NHS Primary Care Organisation) and is available without an appointment, up to seven days a week. Some stores even offer a late night opening service.

There is lots of advice and help to be found at the Boots Smoking Cessation Health Centre and from the NHS

*Will vary according to local Primary Care Organisation service criteria & eligibility

**Available in selected pharmacies only