Lost Kingdom – Paultons Park

publication date: May 13, 2016
author/source: Olivia Coates

My partner Chris and I took Harriet and her friend to Paultons Park, to experience the newest attraction: The Lost Kingdom Dinosaur Theme Park. Upon entering you are transported into a Jurassic world, complete with prehistoric landscape and a real life T-Rex!

As if that wasn’t enough, there are plenty of other dinosaurs lurking about, ready to jump out at you or gaze at you hungrily from afar. The girls were in awe as soon as they entered, and became quickly mesmerised by the sounds and sights before them.

There are plenty of dinosaur rides to suit all ages, including amazing rollercoasters, family rides, a prehistoric dinosaur play park and a chance to get your Ranger Licence and drive the safari truck around the park to view the dinosaurs (be warned, the Nesting Area is only for the brave!).

The rides are good fun and definitely suitable for five or six year olds. There are height restrictions on all the rides, however accompanied by an adult, most children over four should be fine. Some of the rollercoasters were quite fast, and I found myself screaming all the way around, only to be greeted by Harriet’s beaming face when the ride finished – she apparently was not scared at all.

There are various food and drink outlets around The Lost Kingdom for refreshments, and indeed the rest of the Park offers snack food and various restaurants.

The weather definitely helped too, as the girls were able to spend a luxurious hour running around in the water park whilst we enjoyed a coffee and a much needed rest.

In the afternoon we were able to visit Peppa Pig World and the rest of the Park. There are seven fun rides in Peppa Pig World (although after the thrill of The Lost World, I think the girls wished the rides were a bit faster) plus a whole host of other things to see and do, including: a 4D cinema, water splash parks, mini golf, play areas, exotic birds and space to run around.

The Lost Kingdom opens on 17 May, and I would definitely recommend.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Paultons Park is located in Hampshire SO51 6AL

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