World Breastfeeding Week – Ask Alexa

publication date: Aug 3, 2018

breastfeeding mum

Amazon and Public Health England have today released the top 10 most common questions mums ask Alexa when it comes to breastfeeding troubles, in time for World Breastfeeding Week (1 to 7 August).

The data comes from an NHS-approved Alexa Skill (essentially an app for Amazon Alexa) called “24/7 Breastfeeding Friend”, which is designed to answer all questions mums have when they’re struggling to feed their child – the data has been released so that mums can recognise they’re not alone when they face difficulties feeding.  

Amazon Alexa has helped thousands of mums in the UK cope with breastfeeding struggles since Public Health England (PHE) launched an NHS approved Skill called "24/7 Breastfeeding Friend" in March. 7pm is the most popular time of the day for mums to ask Alexa for help as voice assistance steps in when mums need support.

During World Breastfeeding Week, PHE and Amazon are sharing the top ten most common questions mums have asked Alexa in a bid to help reassure all mums that they are not alone when it comes to questions they might have when breastfeeding.

The top 10 questions, in order of frequency, are:

  1. Is my child getting enough milk?
  2. Why is my child crying?
  3. How do I prevent sore nipples?
  4. Does my baby have thrush?
  5. How do I breastfeed?
  6. How do I express milk?
  7. How can I stop breastfeeding?
  8. Can I breastfeed in public?
  9. Why is my baby suffering from colic?
  10. How can I increase supply?

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, allowing users with Alexa-enabled devices to ask questions, play music, make calls, set alarms, check calendars, weather, traffic, sports scores, shopping, controlling the smart home and more. Alexa also has "Skills" created by third parties, such as "24/7 Breastfeeding Friend" from Public Health England with approval from NHS.

The skill has been enabled by thousands of mums in the UK, with reviews on Amazon’s website citing its usefulness from assuring new mums, to tips on latching and more. 

Mums can enable the "24/7 Breastfeeding Friend" Skill today from the Alexa Skills Store for free, to breastfeed with a helping hand.