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World Mental Health Day

publication date: Oct 10, 2018

Children's mental health: a parent's guide – BupaChildren's mental health is among the greatest concerns for parents, on par with physical health and academic performance, according to new findings from Bupa. The research, conducted among parents of four to 18 year olds reveals the only other concern that ranks higher is future financial prospects.

The vast majority of parents believe that there is greater awareness of children’s mental health than when they were growing up, and seven in 10 talk to their own child about their emotional health and wellbeing more than their own parents did.

While it’s clear that parents today see the importance of supporting children’s mental health, they require support. Over a third of parents find it hard to talk to their child about their emotional wellbeing, and two in five parents with teenage children struggle to identify the symptoms of mental ill health. 

This World Mental Health Day, the theme is children’s mental health, and Bupa has created a guide to help parents to start a conversation about mental health and resilience with their children. 

You can download Children's mental health: a parent's guide from Bupa. It is a well presented easy to read introduction to children's mental wellbeing and describes symptoms and signs to be aware of. For a child struggling with poor mental health an early diagnosis and fast access to support can help aid their recovery and the long term management of their condition.