Think Yourself Healthier

publication date: Jun 23, 2022
author/source: Chris Freer

Chris Freer

The power of the mind is almost incomprehensible; our perspective and outlook can completely change our life – including our physical and mental health. By shifting your mindset, it’s therefore been said that you can truly "think yourself" healthier, exceeding all expectations and medical diagnoses. You are in the driving seat of your life and whilst self-doubt can foster a success plateau, self-belief allows you to flourish – much more than you might think. 


Remember, it all starts with a thought.


Everything really does start with a thought; it is my belief that our journey towards a happier and healthier life begins with the thought that this can be achieved. We all have a lot more control over our health than we are typically led to believe… I’m sure you will have heard of the placebo affect; if you think something is doing you good, your body will positively respond to that thought. The same can be said for your mindset, if you believe you can achieve or overcome something, your body will "play ball".


Explore mindful meditation.


Mindful meditation supports your overall health. I would recommend a ten-minute daily "body scan" meditation, which is structured to your requirements and health needs. This entails listening to your body, feeling what is going on inside of it, and creating a healing environment; this simple exercise will leave you feeling more peaceful and enriched, supporting your body’s health.


Think about what you’re putting into your body.


You really can "think yourself healthier", but these thoughts must inform positive actions. For example, you must think about what you’re putting into your body. Ask yourself, ‘Is what I’m about to consume going to support my health?’. If you allow positive thinking to take control and influence your behaviours, your health will benefit.’


Don’t limit yourself or be limited by others.


‘The power of the mind is something we often underestimate. Similarly, we all too often underestimate the influence of others’ opinions on how we live our lives and, in turn, our health. For example, after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis I was told that I’d be in a wheelchair within four years; if I’d listened to and accepted this, I wouldn’t be where I am today. You have to realise all that you can accomplish, visualise this, and use positive thinking to exceed all expectations – including your own. Fourteen years on, I am not in a wheelchair, and that’s because I’ve used a positive mindset to fuel my body’s health.


Chris Freer is a qualified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, CBT and mindfulness coach, and the founder of Upbeat Life, an organisation which helps people to enhance their lives by developing a healthy mindset