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publication date: Feb 25, 2020
author/source: Anne Coates

Scruffs thermal pet bed

There was great excitement in my household – well marked interest after all we are discussing cats – when a large box arrived containing three beds for dogs and cats. My felines are into their teens now and as they age, I feel a little more comfort is called for and, judging by their reaction they agree.

Alice (14) is the mother of Phoebe and Freddie (both 13) and I don't think she's ever quite forgiven me for keeping them. At best she strolls past them. At worst she spits and stalks away. However the new beds have changed all that.

The largest cream, fluffy bed actually didn't interest them much and that has gone on to my daughter's cat where it has been gratefully received. However the other two have brought about some entente cordiale in the kitchen. The Thermal Self Heating Pet Bed has encouraged family snuggles and they all love it. A foil layer reflects the pet's body heat and it's made with 100 per cent recycled green-fibre filling. It also washes well at 30º, fitting snuggly into the washing machine and dries within the day.

The other, similarly grey, works for the one left out of the double. They all take turns and seem happy with this arrangement and are certainly comfortable. This too, can be machine washed at 30º and air dries within the day.

Excellent value and they look good as well. An excellent range to suit pets of all sizes.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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