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Boost your children’s immunity naturally

publication date: Apr 8, 2015
author/source: Natalie Lamb

Nathalie LambHere are my top tips for boosting your children’s immunity naturally:

  • Did you know that up to 70 per cent of your child’s immune cells are located in their gut and are still growing and changing during childhood? Their gut bacteria play an essential role in supporting the development of a strong healthy immune system. Multi-strain probiotics, such as Bio-Kult Infantis have been shown to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of common colds routinely picked up in play groups. 
  • Vitamin D "the sunshine vitamin" is extremely important for ensuring a strong immune system and is often found to be below adequate levels in children in the UK.  Getting short bursts of summer sun without sun screen or taking a vitamin D3 supplement is often recommended to keep levels topped up.
  • Simple sugars and refined carbohydrates (breads, pasta, biscuits, cakes etc) that are common in children’s snacks and processed foods are known to feed unwanted bacteria and yeast in the gut, encouraging their growth instead of beneficial immune supporting strains. 
  • Nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium are well known for supporting the immune system. Eating a range of colourful fruits and vegetables should provide a mix of these and other essential nutrients. Getting children involved in choosing vegetables and enjoying all the different shapes and colours can be fun.
  • Good quality protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs and legumes are the building blocks for many immune cells. Slow cooked stews are delicious and believed to support a healthy gut lining where all the immune cells lie. 

For more information visit the Bio-Kult website.