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Christmas Countdown

publication date: Dec 22, 2012
author/source: Anne Coates

SantaAvoid some of the chaos – and disappointment – of Christmas morning by following these tried and tested tips.

1. If you haven't even begun wrapping presents, start now – it always takes longer than you think. Don't leave it to Christmas Eve!
2. Try to be in advance so any hiccups like problems with transport don't become a crisis.
3. Buy a selection of batteries so many toys that need them don't have batteries included.
4. Assemble toys like dolls houses  and garages so that they can be played with immediately.
5. Charge/set up children's tablets: KidzStar takes ten hours, LeapPad2 Explorer needs 20 minutes or so via a computer, busbi7 needs four hour charging.
6. Keep a pad and pen ready to note who bought what for whom to facilitate "thank you" letters.
7. Declutter and tidy up as much as possible so there's space for new toys, books and games.
8. If anyone in the family takes medication make sure they have enough to see them over the Christmas period. And have some OTC remedies like painkillers and indigestion tablets in the first aid box.
9. Prepare food as much as you can in advance so you have as much time as possible with the children.
10. Get to bed early Christmas Eve to be prepared for an early start the next day.

Above all we hope you have a joyful Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2013.