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Cocoon Babies

publication date: Mar 25, 2021
author/source: Jenny Sneyd

CocoonAs a new mother of three, we are always on the go and our third little boy will no doubt be napping a lot in the car/buggy. But with that comes worries about over heating, warmth and the transfer to the cot.

This is where the Cocoon Babies product fits perfectly. It's a deliciously soft (fleece interior and wool exterior) blanket that has holes to pass through straps for all three and five point harness car seats and buggies.

So it keeps them warm but also reduces over heating risk due to the material. Also, you don't need to wrestle on a pram suit and the transfer to the cot is seamless as babies are so cosy and happy all wrapped up.

It's been crash safety tested and proven to add additional protection, has four easy poppers to open, comes in five colour options and is machine washable.

Our new baby is only six days old and I'm already so impressed with how easy, versatile and cosy it is. I would certainly recommend this to all parents-to-be and a great gift option as an alternative to the traditional baby blanket.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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