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Dean Dunham - The People's Lawyer

publication date: May 28, 2012
author/source: Anne Coates

Dean DunhamDean Dunham is one of the most prominent lawyers in the UK. He regularly appears in the media: on television, radio and also writes columns in various national and regional newspapers, Dean is currently working on and advising BBC1's Watchdog.

Dean is also well known for acting for a number of celebrities, including premiership footballers, singers, actors and actresses, celebrity chefs and other entertainers.

Dean is a Solicitor-Advocate, which means that in addition to being a solicitor, he can also represent clients in all of the same courts as used to be reserved to just barristers.

Dean is passionate about championing people's legal rights including helping people understand their rights and how to go about accessing the legal system.

Dean's website has been designed to be a portal of legal information, explaining the law and your rights in certain situations and advising on the best next step to take when faced with a legal issue.