Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor

publication date: Jul 4, 2023
author/source: Olivia Coates

Glow Perfect Sleep Monitor

The front of our house gets all the afternoon sun and as a result our bedroom is often boiling at night. Our three month old daughter sleeps in the same room as myself and my husband and we have been very conscious during this very hot spell that she might be too hot (or too cold!) depending on what we dress her in.

The Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor monitor provides real time information on the temperature in the room, tog suggestion, and the sleep comfort/humidity, plus the time and date. The monitor information is green when the temperature and humidity in the room is more comfortable and and at the ideal level, red when very warm and therefore suggesting sleep comfort might be poor and blue when cooler.

The monitor can display the information in seven different languages also. The best thing about this monitor is the suggested recommended tog for your baby’s sleeping bag. I find it impossible to know how many layers to dress my daughter in especially when the temperature can drop during the night. It is easy to assume that they don’t need much on, but in reality they can’t regulate their own body temperature and so often need more on than you think. The portable monitor is great too, as it enables you to monitor the heat in the room wherever you are without disturbing your baby. You can purchase more sensors to monitor more than one room, one is included.

Glow dreaming team top tips: 

How babies can sleep better in hot weather without using air conditioning:

Keep the room cool: Open windows and use fans to circulate the air in the room where your baby sleeps.

Use lightweight bedding: Choose lightweight sheets and blankets for your baby's cot to help them stay cool.

Dress your baby in lightweight clothing: Choose lightweight, breathable clothes for your baby to wear to bed.

Use a cool mist humidifier: A cool mist humidifier can add moisture to the air, which can help your baby feel cooler and sleep better.

Use a damp washcloth: Place a damp washcloth on your baby's forehead or the back of their neck to help them feel cooler.

Give your baby a cool bath: A cool bath before bedtime can help lower your baby's body temperature and make it easier for them to fall asleep.

Keep your baby hydrated: Make sure your baby is well-hydrated by giving them plenty of fluids, as this can help keep them cool and comfortable.

If your baby is still having trouble sleeping due to the heat, you may want to consult a healthcare provider for additional advice.

Keeping a baby warm in winter without using a heater:

Dress your baby in layers: Dress your baby in layers of warm clothing, such as a onesie, a sleep sack or swaddle. This will help trap heat and keep your baby warm.

Use blankets: Use blankets to cover your baby when they are in their cot or bassinet. Make sure the blankets are not too heavy or thick, as this can increase the risk of suffocation.

Keep the room temperature consistent: Maintain a consistent room temperature by closing windows and doors and using draft stoppers to prevent cold air from entering the room.

Use a humidifier: Dry air can make a room feel colder, so consider using a humidifier to add moisture to the air. This can help your baby feel more comfortable and prevent dry skin.

Use a pink noise machine: A pink noise machine, like Glow Dreaming can help mask any outside noises that may wake your baby, allowing them to sleep more peacefully and stay warm.

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