Kids Stuff® Crazy Soap

publication date: Jul 15, 2014
author/source: Anne Coates

Crazy Bath SparkleIt used to be that children with sensitive skin couldn't enjoy bubbly baths but products have come a long way and Kids Stuff® is committed to developing child friendly products that promote fun whilst gently cleansing delicate fingers and toes. Their entire range is PH balanced and Paraben-free.

Harriet loved the look of the containers of the three Kids Stuff® Crazy Soaps we had to try and was excited to try them out – all at once which made for an interesting bath time.

Shake & Sparkle Foam Bath is great fun to use and see the bubbles sparkling back at you.

The bathtime body paint in red was a huge success and Harriet enjoyed using this on her doll, Lucy, as well.

Crazy SoapAnother perfect bathime accompaniment is the foaming soap which you can squirt, shape and bounce!

These Kids Stuff® Crazy Soap products are available in supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide and the prices start at just £2.

Some  of the products come in boxed sets which make ideal birthday presents for your children's friends or the unboxed ones make perfect party-bag treats..

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

For your peace of mind, a full list of exact ingredients can be found at Crazy Kids.