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Leapfrog Digital Baby Monitor

publication date: Mar 4, 2009
author/source: Alex Bell

We have been testing the Leapfrog digital baby monitor for the last couple of weeks. The advantages of digital technology over “old” analogue signal monitors have, for us, guaranteed interference-free cordless communication, with none of the inconvenience of crackle and the high-pitched tone which used to tell us that our old analogue monitor was out of range.

The feature I have found most useful is the sound sensitive lights which allow the monitor sound to be turned off whilst the sound-activated multi-light display panel shows whether or not your baby is crying. The louder your baby cries, the more lights are illuminated, culminating in an audible beep when the lights hit the red. It is particularly useful if you have friends round or are having a meeting with someone at home.

The baby unit comes with a nightlight which gives a soft glow. At almost one year-old Pippa is happy to sleep in a darkened room but the light has been useful for checking on her without turning on an overhead light.

The range on the monitor is 50 metres indoors and 300 metres outdoors (in ideal conditions). We have had no problems with the range but have not tested them to their full extent in the garden or on holiday yet.

The pleasure has been in the small details such as the travel bag which is so handy for keeping the base and baby unit together with the cables when going away. And design features such as the soft rubberised finish and a “find parent unit” pager function for those frequent times when I’ve left the parent unit somewhere under a pile of washing/playmobil/paperwork.

This is a quality item which will give the necessary peace of mind.

The Leapfrog Digital Baby Monitor box contains:
•    1 x Digital Baby Monitor Parent Unit with charging pod
•    1 x Digital Baby Monitor Baby Unit with mains adaptor
•    1 x Travel Bag
•    1 x Comprehensive User Manual
•    1 x Birth - 3 booklet
•    2 x AAA 800 mAh rechargeable batteries

Leap Frog Digital Baby Monitor is available from Amazon. To order one please click the link below:

LeapFrog Digital Baby Monitor