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Lego City Farm Combine Harvester

publication date: Dec 15, 2009
author/source: Alex Bell
Lego City Farm Combine HarvesterLego's magnificent Combine Harvester (model 7636) is one of the largest vehicles in the Lego "City Farm" series.

Toby's eyes were like saucers as he opened the box and found the many packs of green and yellow Lego inside - I don't think he'd ever seen so much Lego in one place before!

Assembly was pretty straightforward as the ever-brilliant instruction manual helpfully breaks the model up into sizeable chunks. There's nothing like a Lego model to encourage collaboration, number and pattern recognition and, of course, a little bit of patience – however complicated the model, Lego instructions are always easy to follow.

The finished Combine Harvester is pretty majestic, dwarfing everything else in Toby's Lego box. Although only one Lego figure comes with the kit, it's pretty easy to adapt the combine harvester into spaceship, submarine, tower block, and so on – or at least that's what we immediately set out to do once the little yellows blocks had all been harvested.

The Lego Combine Harvester is availabel from Amazon. To order, click the link below.

LEGO® City 7636: Combine Harvester