Geomag Mechanics 769

publication date: Aug 13, 2020
author/source: Anne Coates


Geomag makes toys which encourage STEM learning and fun. One of their latest is the Geomag 769 Magnetics Challenge Goal 96pc a fun and exciting way to help teach children about magnetic forces, gravity and understand science.

  • The 96-piece Geomag mechanics challenge goal set contains 15 metal balls and 81 elements at the base of the goal mechanism
  • Geomag challenge line: Fast and frantic games for up to four players. Accuracy, timing and dexterity are the keys to winning
  • Swiss Made quality guarantee. All products are aligned with the most stringent European and international safety standards
  • The Geomag lines, winners of numerous awards, help children of all ages to develop their imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction
  • Geomag innovation: products help children of all ages develop and train their minds, imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction

The box suggests an age of seven plus but this proved challenging for Harriet aged ten so adults may need to offer some help. Constructing the games is rather like using Lego and all the instructions are illustrations but we felt some descriptions of aims would have been useful. 

Geo Mag cubeFor younger children there is the Geomag Magicube free building set of 24 Magnetic blocks which has the basics of stem and its magnets help build shapes easily.

Geomag Mechanics 769 - Challenge Goal. Board Games, Building Set, 96 Pieces - Magnetic Building Game

Geomag Magicube 153 - Full Color, Magnetic Constructions, 16 Cubes