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So Sand DIY

publication date: Feb 15, 2021
author/source: Christine Mayle

So Sand

During Lockdown 3 finding interesting and educationally stimulating things for the children to do during the cold weather is proving a challenge for us all! However, the discovery of a uniquely different (and tactile) indoor activity was met with both enthusiasm and excitement by the three children in our family, and grown-ups alike. Fortunately the So Sand DIY arrived in the nick of time and saved the day (and has sustained the children’s interest ever since). It has provided hours of engaging play and fun for all the children. Although recommended for children six plus the five and four years olds needed little supervision.


Assembly of the modeling station was very straightforward, only requiring the occasional glimpse at the useful instructions provided. However, making up the sand is not for the faint hearted and needs close supervision as the powder and glitter easily escape the sand when kneading. During this process  (fortunately only needed the once) we all acquired glittery bits to brighten our expressions. Obviously the children particularly enjoyed this part – a chance to make a mess without getting in trouble! The instructions suggest covering surfaces before starting and I would strongly recommend this together with a tray, initially, to contain the powder and glitter.


Once made up the "magic" sand is easy to work with. The cleverly thought through storage accessories keep the moulds and tools organised. At first I thought "why include a plastic cup"? But once the children started to play they loved being able to use it with the hand tools to stamp out patterns on the sand.


The So Sand DIY is brightly coloured and attractive to the eye. The tools for the different shapes and activities are easy to use for tiny hands. There are no sharp edges, small parts or finger traps so minimal adult supervision needed for the older children in our family – an added bonus for the adults. The dual function hand-held tools are an ingenious way of keeping the children’s interest. The children took some time to feel confident using the moulds but once mastered there was no stopping them.


I was amazed at how the So Sand DIY stimulated the children’s imagination and encouraged them to role-play their own stories. One example being making cones then serving different coloured "ice-cream" on a visit to the seaside. They, like the adults, looking forward to the summer months ahead.


A great toy for encouraging children’s social learning, through sharing and listening. The So Sand DIY is also an interesting mix of formal and imaginative play. It provides opportunities for children to act out scenarios together, promoting both language and motor skills.


It has become one of the ‘go-to’ indoor activities that the children request after a spell of ‘home-schooling’, developing mental well-being as well as providing educational play.


I highly recommend the So Sand DIY as a welcome change from the usual moulding dough toys on offer. It’s engaging and provides hours of fun and learning. 


PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 

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