Microskin – Case Study

publication date: Apr 17, 2019
author/source: Kirsty McGrath

Microskin case study beforeMy vitiligo started under my arms when my daughter was born. It was most odd and I did not really think much of it then as I could hide it. However, 19 months ago I had a baby boy and the vitiligo, along with my eczema, flared up and suddenly I had the vitiligo on my neck and then my face – around the eyes and a little bit above my lips, plus on my foot too.

This had a real effect on me; I cried over it. I work as an air hostess on long haul flights and what you look like is vital. Fortunately, I could cover my neck with a scarf we wear at work, but my face was the challenge. I needed to wear a lot of make-up and camouflage products. There was no way I was going out or working, even going off on the school run, without making sure I had make-up covering/masking my vitiligo.

Looking good as an air hostess is vital and often on a flight after an hour and half/two hours I would be re-applying more products and make-up to ensure no one could see my marks. One of the problems I had was the need to apply full colour corrector, plus matt make-up frequently especially if it was warm/humid because my camouflage/make-up would rub off even faster.

Microskin case study aftterWhen I heard about Microskin I was a bit dubious. Would it really work? I was really surprised when the Microskin was applied because it felt so light on my face and  could be matched to my skin tone, something I had never had before. I have to say I was very surprised by the final look; it was a miracle and so different to what I was having to do.

I loved the look and what I am really excited about is not having to spend hours applying make-up and camouflage products and then having to re-apply an hour and half to two hours later.

Microskin is going to make a huge difference to me; it now means I can just take my kids to school, put on some mascara and go because the Microskin lasts for so long. That’s what I am really excited about; Microskin is now the way forward for me.



  • is a simulated second skin which provides protective, long-lasting and breathable coverage by colour-correcting scars, blemishes and a wide range of skin conditions. 
  • is unique in that it is both a cosmetic camouflage and liquidised simulated second skin. Microskin is applied to the epidermis – the upper layer of the skin – to create a uniquely strong but elastic film.
  • can be applied and forgotten. It can last for up to seven days on the body, arms and legs. However, it will wear off more quickly on the hands because of constant use and repeated hand washing. It can stay on the face for between 24 and 48 hours before being broken down by the natural oils produced by the sebaceous glands in the facial skin.  
  • is suitable for a wide range of conditions and imperfections including vitiligo, birthmarks, burns, scarring, psoriasis, rosacea, lupus, eczema and hyper-pigmentation.
A six month’s subscription costs £399. This covers a consultation, colour matching, training in how to apply Microskin and a complete set of equipment and products. This includes a 50ml bottle of Microskin, which is enough, on average, for three months. Additional 50ml bottles cost £89 each.