My First Photo Book

publication date: Jul 6, 2018
author/source: Jenny Sneyd

My First Photo Book from Photobox 

We all have a million pictures of our kids but never seem to do much with them. My two year old loves books and with a new addition to the family the Photobox picture book is a great option for capturing these precious moments in a format that everyone can enjoy.

My First Photo Book looks and feels like a children’s book with bright colours, simple text boxes and easy to turn pages – making it a lovely present for any occasion. 

Photo Box is typically a very easy to navigate website and it has a function that flags if the pictures are not high quality, so it would be great to have this function with the book creator as some of my phone pictures were a bit blurry. I would also recommend doing it from a PC/laptop rather than via your mobile.

For a more personalised gift or a way to capture memories that your children will also want to look at, this is a great option. My two year old son has just gained a baby brother and this book is an ideat way to show him that he was also once a baby and all the lovely experiences we have had as a family so far.

Plus it’s the perfect size for popping in the buggy or nappy bag. Although as they look very similar, so far he thinks every picture is his baby brother – but it’s a great way to learn about how he has grown up from being a baby. 

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥

My First Photo Book:

13.7 x 13.7 cm board book

16 super-thick, wipe-clean pages

Pick from 10 background colours

Suitable for children under three

Rounded corners (safe for little hands)

Available from Photobox £14.99 plus P&P.